Sharing Resources: What We Can Learn from the Little Neighbourhood Library

Kitchener Ontario: Neighbourhood Little Loaning Library

Today, I had the opportunity to meet with some inspiring individuals. Many like-minded in the concepts of sharing. Sharing in the form of creative commons licensing your work. Through this inspiring exchange a thought crossed my mind and it has been stuck in my head through two more meetings.

What if we promoted licensing our work (faculty created resources) openly with the same concept as those little neighbourhood libraries?
Give One – Take One

In the sudden shift to remote delivery, people in all levels of education have been working collaboratively to ensure students are supported in their studies. This has required efficiencies. Sharing resources is efficient. It takes a heavy workload and disperses it among many people.

Colleagues, like students are overwhelmed with balancing home life, work life and challenging internet stability. If we share the workload we are displaying kindness and empathy not only to our colleagues but by extension to their students.

I know, some of you are going to say that is very altruistic. People, do not want to openly share their work. How will I differentiate myself from others? What if my work isn’t good enough to be put out in the open. Who owns my work and the list goes on and on.

Here is my thought. I think we need to help each other out. It doesn’t have to be huge and require more energy than we can spare. Maybe we share just one thing.

I challenge you to openly license one of your educational creations and share.
Then look for an openly sourced resource you can use.
Give One – Take One

Even better… be the person who stuffs the little neighbourhood library full of books.

Want to take the challenge?
Start Here

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