Open Education Resources & Pedagogies OPEN 9200

6.4 Assessment: Multimedia

I am a little late blogging out this final assignment reflection for OPEN 9200, but it is December and better late than never, right?

This is the second course in KPU’S Professional Program in Open Education. The OPEN 9200 course was developed by Dr. Karen Cangialosi and facilitated by Dr. Carlos C. Goller. I am grateful to learn from such experienced leaders in Open Education.

In this final reflective assignment, we were required to create a 10-minute recorded presentation in a digital format on open science, open data, or open access.

Inspired by Autumn Wade’s Monday Dose of Sunshine events, I created a journaling activity for the assessment. Autumn facilitates journaling events most Mondays, they are free, and I find them an energizing way to start the week. I created a PowerPoint presentation, recorded it using Screencast-O-Matic, uploaded it to YouTube, and adjusted the captions.

Participate in the Journaling Activity by Watching the Video Below

The video and the slides are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA so feel free to re-purpose them for your context.


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