About Me

My name is Kim Carter and I am currently pursuing my passion for Open Educational Practices in a seconded role as Open Educational Resource Projects Consultant. When not seconded, I am a Professor in The Business School at Conestoga College ITAL in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. Prior to teaching, I worked in a variety of front-line health office administration roles in hospitals while running a small business with my partner.

I was a first generation student from a working class family. I understand some of the barriers the people face when pursuing higher education. I returned to school as an older adult completed a BEd in Adult Education, MA in Leadership and started my teaching career.  Influenced by education leaders like bell hooks and Stephen Brookfield caring for students through their education journey is at the core of my practice. 

Completion in eCampus Ontario Empowered Educator Program led to a professional learning community that fostered a multi-institutional  collaborative OER project that included students. Published in August 2020  Building a Medical Terminology Foundation turned out to be so helpful during remote learning. It was so much fun we are doing it again. Coming in Winter 2022, Therapeutic Communication for Health Care Administrators digital text and game simulations.

Image of Kim Carter